DLVSystem S.r.l.

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The DLV system is a powerful tool for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, that allows to simply and efficiently solve a wide range of problems. It has been conceived an Italian-Austrian research team (The University of Calabria and The Vienna University of Technology), engineered by DLVSystem S.r.l. for industrial promotion. Customers most natural (but not only) are the computer companies operating in various areas of ICT, and in general wherever it is necessary to handle complex knowledge.

Consider that it is also possible to integrate easily DLV as “plug-in” in other platforms, in order to provide them of “intelligent” features. Finally we can define two categories of customers:

  • Big Software companies that want to improve their existing products with “adaptive” and “intelligent” features;
  • Companies needing customized Knowledge-based applications.

Next to the licensing system, DLVSystem provides advanced consulting services, from deployment of applications based on DLV, to verticalization of the DLV system on specific domains (Team Building, Information Integration, Planning, etc..), to complex solutions tailored to the customer.

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Target Range Public and Private
Platforms Windows/MacOs/Linux (command line, advanced IDE, plugin Eclipse, API Java)
Price Customized
Francesco Calimeri, Nicola Leone
phone: +39 3358431306

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